• A maximum of 1 charart can be put up at a time
  • In order for an image to be approved, it must be agreed to be approved by the leader, deputy, and senior warrior(s)
  • Must not use incorrect blanks.
  • Cannot use background colors, unrealistic pelt/eye/pattern colors.

Main RulesEdit

We ask that all members of P:CA follow the rules below:

  • Only leads can edit the main page or member list
  • No putting down or rude remarks about charart.
  • Kits/Apprentices/Warriors cannot edit the main page. Senior Warriors may with permission from one of the current leads.
  • Only 25 chararts on the approval page at once. Over the limit will resolve in your charart being declined.
  • Images must have a special form, with the name of the cat, the rank, and the extension type. Example: Twilightheart.queen.png

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