Project Character Art is people getting to make there own cats and color them how they want to. To join leave a message on the talk page. Most of the cats people do are based on Role-Playing Clans so the cats must be based on Role-Playing. Thank You!


Leader: Twi (temporary)


Sr. Warriors:




Elders (inactive members):

Note: To become an apprentice, you must have 50 contributive edits and been on the project for half a month. To become a warrior, you must have 75 contributive edits, been on the project for 1 1/2 months and have 5 character arts approved. To become a senior warrior, you must have been on the project for 3 months, have 10 character arts approved, and have 150 contributive edits.


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Character Art Tutorials

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Do you have a character art tutorial that you want posted? Contact the leader or deputy


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Current Projects (1 at a Time)Edit

Note: Anyone can claim a charart so long as they're in the project. It doesn't need to be your character.

Username Character Date Reserved
Twilightheart Crowpaw (MCA) Nov. 9th