DreamClan is a clan that live in a dark and ominous forest. They are fierce, feared and braved. Their border Clans are DeathClan and MistyClan. Also, a lake forms a border between the four clans and if the lake dries up, the borders are spread into the lake.


Leader: Birdstar - Gold-brown tom with white paws and brown eyes. (Open for Roleplay)

Deputy: None

Medicine Cat: None

Medicine Cat Apprentice: Crowpaw - Smoky black tom with blue eyes. One of his paws was bitten off by a vixen, so he was forced to become a medicine cat. He's nice and loves Dawnpaw. (Roleplayed by: Twi)


Darkmist - Black tom with amber eyes and white forepaws. He's difficult, and only Moonfrost has never faced the rough side of his tongue. His mate is Moonfrost and his kits are Poisonkit and Mistkit. (Roleplayed by: Twi)

Shadow-wing Sleek, black, slender she-cat with long limbs and tail and icy blue eyes. She's funny, curious, ambitious, brave, and flirty. Her kit is Dawnpaw. (Open for Roleplay)


Dawnpaw - Slender white she-cat with black ears, tail, legs, a black diamond mark on her forhead, and bright amber eyes. She's shy and has a crush on Crowpaw. (Roleplayed by: Twi)

Twilightpaw - Sleek, beautiful black she-cat with one white paw and glittering sky blue eyes. (Roleplayed by: Twi)

Snowpaw - Snow white she-cat with a glossy pelt, emerald eyes, and a long tail. (Roleplayed by: Twi)


Moonfrost - Black she-cat with blue eyes. She's very sweet, but never backs down from a fight. Her mate is Darkmist. (Roleplayed by: Twi)




Rainsong - Pretty, small, lithe silver and gray tabby with a white muzzle, chest, paws, hind legs, and has bright blue eyes. She's quiet, yet courageous. (Open for Roleplay)


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